Digital growth, delivered

Bluedog Digital is a growth-marketing agency that uses years of cross-vertical experience and inbound methodologies to design and deliver common sense business-building solutions. We deliver true value for the brand and achieving highly profitable client relationships.

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How can we help you grow?
There are three key parts to growth; making sure that the right strategy is in place, attract and convert your customers and then delight them.

Customer Engagement and Loyalty

Putting customers and clients at the heart of everything we do, has never been more important. Blue Dog Digital can help at each and every stage of the customer journey.

Inbound Marketing Planning and Delivery

Changing a business to adopt the inbound is never easy. Often old habits die hard and it is difficult for the team to adjust. Blue Dog can first help make the change by working with you to develop an Inbound Marketing plan and then help you to deliver it.

Strategic Marketing Consultancy

Many businesses reach a point where their existing marketing investment, stops delivering the growth they seek. Often this is due to a break-down between the marketing and business strategies. Even worse there is no joined up strategy in the first place. This is where Bluedog Digital strategic marketing consultancy team step in.

Past and Current Clients
Here's a snapshot of some of the brands we've had the privilege to work with over the years. We'd love to add yours!
Meet our team
People are at the centre of all we do.

Andrew Scheer


Andrew is a twenty-year veteran of digital marketing and customer engagement. He has worked with and for brands as diverse as Sony and Barclays always bringing his customer first philosophy to bear. Through his working life, Andrew has become a passionate advocate of the customer/client first approach.

David Busbridge

UX & Design Consultant

David is a designer and UX guru to his core. Having worked in a number of verticals, David has delivered highly successfully in the offline and digital worlds. A passionate advocate of the importance of great design, David also invests time inspiring the next generation of budding designers.

Where we came from

Bluedog Digital was founded by Andrew Scheer in 2015. Bluedog builds on over 18 years end-to-end marketing experience in from lead generation to client engagement development and delivery. We specialise in markets where relationships are key to the outcome of any marketing and sales process.


The team has worked with brands as diverse as Sony and Barclays, Visa and Axa Wealth, Value Retail and Byron as well as SME’s, tech and other start-ups. This provides a unique perspective; skills developed in bluechip firms, have been honed in smaller businesses where resources are scarce but goals ambitious.


Our approach

Bluedog’s approach is to design and build common-sense growth enabling marketing led solutions that deliver true value for the brand helping them build. We start with a proprietary six-step approach to ensure that the activity closely fits the businesses needs, goals, and challenges. We then help build the foundations to growth including; truly understanding the target audience and the best channels to reach them.


Once these foundations are in place, Bluedog Digital helps its clients build with the application of inbound marketing. From building the strategy and readying the platform to executing growth-busting inbound campaigns.