Strategic Marketing Consultancy

Many businesses reach a point where their existing marketing investment, stops delivering the growth that they seek. Often this is due to a break-down between the marketing and business strategies. Even worse there is no joined up strategy in the first place. This is where Bluedog Digital strategic marketing consultancy team step in.

End to end strategic marketing consultancy

With wide experience across a number of industries, the team brings with it the experience to first uncover the opportunities and then deliver robust plans to deliver solutions. These could be a process or proposition fix or an evaluation and then optimisation of the customer experience. Wherever the customer is on the path to purchase, opportunities will be identified and quick wins seized.

Marketing elements considered

It starts with the customer and moves to the market, business and channels. A marketing review will cover all or part of the journey or process as is required. Topics considered include;

  • Customer – profile, needs, goals and challenges
  • Businesses – strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • Market – competitor, political, economic, social and technological
  • Channels – online and offline as well as people
  • Financial – budget and business-case
  • Management information – tracking, tracing, monitoring and measurement

Digital first, not digital myopic

Whilst we operate a digital-first philosophy, we refuse to be digital myopic. In a mobile world, we recognise that bricks and mortar, as well as people, are still vital to many customer journeys. We create marketing plans which take this into account, building engagement along the journey to deepen and therefore optimise customer relationships.

So whatever your challenge, get in touch to discuss with the team.